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Ladies and gentlemen, if the internet providers get their way, in just a few years time, the only websites you will be able to view on the internet are those of the largest money hungry corporations in the world.

If you are not familiar with what is being pushed by the internet providers (undoubtedly lobbied by large corporations like Monsanto, P&G, Kraft, Johnson& Johnson and of course the 6 corporations (Comcast, Disney, News-Corp, Viacom, Time-Warner and CBS) that own all the mainstream media we ingest then you must read this.

To sum it up for you here the internet providers wish to change the net neutrality laws (stating all the net is free) to allow them control of the world wide web and set up different lanes for net traffic. One will be fast, as fast as it all is now and one will be slow, as slow as your old dialup service. The fastlane will enable sites to load very quick and also be more prevalent in search engines, the slow lane will be just that, slow. Only those with millions of dollars will be able to afford the “Internet Fastlane” and the rest, your friends and neighbors websites, your favorite festival website, your favorite independent bands website, you favorite independent internet radio station (like my websites) will be lost in the depths of cyberspace.